1951 Studebaker 4 Door Sedan

Trev Halsted
New Zealand

This chopped right hand drive Studebaker from down under is another wild 4 door. The only thing I've been told is that it's running a big block Chevrolet under the tilt front end. I'm hoping to get more info and photos of it soon. Studebakers were exported to New Zealand and were also assembled there with parts shipped from the states.

I'm not positive that this is a 51 because it has a split windshield and split rear window, but it could be if they added the split windows because of the chopped top. The rear wheel openings have been raised and a slight bulge was added. The taillights were replaced by what looks like 4 1959 Cadillac units.

Trev also built a Bullet Nose Sedan Delivery that's on the Phantom page.