1950 Studebaker Champion 4 Door Sedan

Mike Furmanek
Lancaster, NY

Mike has been the owner of this 1950 Champion sedan since 1984. For the first 6 years he drove it bone stock with the 85 horsepower 169 ci flathead six with 3 on the tree and OD.

Mike started on his car with some mild customizing and re-doing the interior. Next came the engine transplant and a B&M blown Chevrolet 350 bored .030 over, TH350 transmission and a 8" Ford rear end were installed. A Mustang II front end with coil-overs and disk brakes was welded so as to drop the car 4" in front.

Mike set up the front end to tilt after welding everything together and removing the front bumper. He tunneled in quad headlights from a 1966 Reo cement mixer and added louvers to the hood. He removed the door handles and added electric solenoids, shaved the drip rails and trim from the deck lid and frenched the license plate. Added were spotlights, lakes pipes, skirts, Olds Fiesta hubcaps and he installed new tinted glass. Out back he molded in 54 Chevy taillight bezels with bubble lenses and replaced the rear bumper with a 53 Chevy front bumper over ride accessory bar that sits on top of the bumper guards.

Mike said "I've been driving the hell out of it and I'm still working on the body".