1951 Studebaker Champion EXTREME 4 Door Sedan

Paul Beck
NSW, Australia

This 1951 Champion 4 Door Sedan was purchased as a completely restored stocker, but now resembles a full-tilt drag car. Paul Beck owns EXtreme Magazine in Australia and needed a Project car that suited the style of the magazine - hence Project X was born. The rear of the car has been replaced with chrome-moly tubing and a fully fabricated differential housing sits between the 15x15 Weld Aluma Stars. The rear Mickey Thompson "tyres" are 33" x 21-1/2". Inside the multi-point chrome-moly roll cage is an alloy Kirkey race seat behind the right hand drive steering wheel. To keep with the bad-boy theme, the body is finished in satin black.

Engine wise, there's a "dummy" big block Chevrolet sitting in the engine bay at the moment sporting a 8/71 Weiand blower and Race-Comp carbon fiber hat. Once the new 572 ci engine is finished, Paul plans to get the car onto the strip where it should run in the high 7 second bracket.

Paul plans to keep us updated with the progress, but if you'd like some more info on Project X, contact Paul via his email: extrememag@austarnet.com.au

Maybe we'll get a photo of it on a run down the strip and stats about how it runs. I hope those suicide doors stay shut.