1951 Studebaker Champion Starlight Coupe

Wayne Schrag
Moundridge, Kansas

Wayne calls his car the "Rat Stud". The only new paint on the car is the John Deere yellow added to the Studebaker Champion script on the front of the hood. The front bumper has been removed and the bumper guards have been attached to the frame horns and "Iron Man" LED lights were mounted behind the bullet. The car was lowered 1-1/2" in the front and 2-1/2" in the rear and it's sitting on mag wheels.

Most of the changes in Wayne's car are on the inside. A special orange and white blanket covers the front seat. Other comfort features are the 51 cent piston cup holders, C-clamp arm rests, 1962 Cadillac radio and a custom overhead console made from Gleaner combine chain. Copper tubing has also been added to highlight the interior. 

The engine is the stock 6 cylinder flathead but it has dual exhaust, chrome nuts on the head and a new battery. The speedometer still works and shows 38,000 miles.

Wayne likes the way his car looks with the patina finish and says it will stay this way for a while. The drive train is another story and it will likely be changed once he has more time. To me, it looks like he can have a lot of fun in his Rat Stud just the way it is.