1951 Studebaker Champion Starlight Coupe

Gil & Mary Vuljoin
Hammond, LA

Gil & Mary's Starlight Coupe was completed in 2005. They removed the front bumper, added a 50 bullet in place of the 51 and welded up the fresh air doors in the front fenders. The rest of the body is pretty much stock. Under the hood and inside are a different story.

Power comes from a 350 Chevrolet driving a TH350 automatic transmission with a 2000 stall converter. The rear end is a 8" Ford. The front suspension was replaced with a Fatman Mustang II unit and it has power steering, power brakes and power windows. They are getting ready to install air ride on front and rear so it may sit lower if you are lucky enough to see it in person.

Their dash has a custom gauge cluster insert and the two tone gray interior is beautiful. It looks like it would be really comfortable to drive.

Gil says "The car is a lot of fun. People are always trying to guess what kind of car it is".