1951 Studebaker Commander Starlight Coupe

Audley Pierce
Edmore, MI

Audley's Starlight Coupe is now roadworthy and cruising the streets of Edmore. The top has been chopped 1-1/2" and the A pillars have been leaned back. The 1 piece windshield was replaced with 2 pieces of V-butted glass. The front fenders were pie cut to drop the nose and the front bumper was removed. The bottom of the rear fenders have been lowered to line up with the bottom of the rocker panels and Audley added some removable "skirts" so he has access to the rear tires. 

Audley's choice of power is a little different than most and the 500 ci Cadillac engine should get more than a few comments. It is driving a narrowed Ford 9" rear end through a GM TH400 transmission. 

The dash has been extended 4" into the car, to provide extra room for the firewall, and the original gauges have been retained.

It's taken Audley 11 years to get to this point but he's not finished yet. The buff primer will someday be replaced by 2002 VW Phosphorus Green paint. Plans are to add an air conditioning unit so he can cruise in comfort while he works out some of the bugs.