1948 Studebaker Champion Starlight Coupe

Jeff Arellano
Citrus Heights, CA

This primered 48 Starlight Coupe with a 50 front end was first spotted by me at the NSRA Western Nationals in Bakersfield, CA. At that time it was owned by Bill Keylon of Fair Oaks, CA. The car runs a 350 Chevrolet engine and Bill added "reverse scoops" at the rear of the hood to allow hot air to be released from the engine bay. This helps to keep the car from overheating in traffic, a common problem when late model V-8 engines are installed in Studebakers. The headlights and taillights have been frenched and both bumpers were removed as were the door handles. There is also what looks like a third brake light recessed into the trunk

After Bill passed away, Jeff said he was fortunate enough to carry on Bill's legacy by obtaining the primered coupe. He added some nice flames and a stereo system and plans on some new upholstery soon.