1951 Studebaker Phaeton

Greg Wambold
Tacoma, WA

This 1951 Studebaker began life as a stately, top of the line, Land Cruiser. To convert this car into a Phaeton, the top was removed along with the glass in the doors. Under the tilting hood there's a GM 350 ci engine and TH350 transmission driving a GM 10 bolt rear end. The IFS front suspension is from a Camaro and features disk brakes and power steering. The hood has been hinged at the front and now tilts forward, and it appears to be padded on the engine side. Greg calls the removable top a "Carson Top" but it doesn't appear to be padded. The top will provide shade but there isn't much protection from the Washington weather without side windows. It has a "custom dash" that looks somewhat like a boat dash with the steering column protruding through it.