Buck Jones
Atascadero, CA

The ROCKETEER looks closely like a Studebaker with a 50 bullet and 51 grille. It may have a GM fastback roof that has been chopped and a custom made trunk lid. There are six rocket ship looking taillights at the rear. 

The first year it was shown in Paso Robles, CA it was bare metal. The following year at Paso Robles (bottom photo) it was painted with purple primer. The next year it was painted green with the chrome changed to a gold color and it had different wheels. The latest version is jet black and the gold colored trim is now chrome again. Corvette bumpers and 1952 Studebaker headlight rims have been added to the front end. This car has been called The Rocketeer, then Jet Sled and the new name may be Dr Evil per the license plate. I'd just call it Cool!