Wee Studebakers

Golf Carts

These "1950 Studebaker" Golf Carts both have giant blown Hemi engines and I'm sure they would draw your attention if you saw one coming at you. The young boy "driving" the red flamed one looks like he's dreaming about the day ..... that he'll own one.

The owners of the golf carts below chose the stock look but painted their carts to match their real cars.



Pedal Cars & Bumper Cars

The bullet nose look was unique and was copied on pedal cars and bumper cars. Some kids were lucky enough to get a early start driving them.

Some also came with the WWII war plane look .....


Maybe this bumper car should be on the Junk Yard page .....


Model Cars
Someone had a great idea when they put this rear engined "Super Starliner" bullet nosed dragster together. I could also see something like this racing as a streamliner at Bonneville.