Low Flying Studebakers

Below are some Bullet Nose Studebakers that have been painted with WWII fighter plane graphics. Maybe the owners of these cars were pilots and had their cars painted to match the planes they once flew.

This black "Bazooka Nose" Business Coupe looks like it's ready for a dog fight with that large barrel sticking out the front. You should avoid getting in front of this guy because with those pro-street tires on the back, you probably couldn't out run him.

The yellow Starlight Coupe on the right has the same WWII look to it and also has a prop mounted to the bullet.


The aircraft theme is carried on under the hood and in the interior as shown below. Not sure what kind of engine that is under all those horns and hoses.

This silver 1950 Champion Starlight Coupe was featured in the April, 2010 issue of Hot Rod Magazine and was called "A Bullet Nose Studebaker With the Soul of a P-38". Doug Hodak of Darien, IL painted his car with Lockheed P-38 Lightning graphics and added 750 rivets to the body. The text in the magazine says "The drivetrain is stock Studie, including the flathead six, but it's not the power that draws the stares".

Here are a few more .....

How about this La Patrulla "PATROL" car? It appears to have a full roll cage and a net on the driver's side window like the NASCAR drivers have. It's also sporting a spoiler on the trunk. I wonder if it was an entry in one of the Mexican Road Races.

The teeth painted on this black & white 4 door sedan could scare the bejesus out of a Chupacabra.