I Have No Idea

Here are some Studebakers and other cars that just don't fit on some of the other pages. They are being added here and if you have any comments or information about them, you are welcome to contact me at bulletnose@frontier.com.


Starting with these Studebakers, that may be in Cuba, I've often wondered why the back doors of this 1950 four door sedan on the right were un-suicided. It also has different headlight rims and parking lights.

The blue four door "Taxi" below has been converted into a station wagon. But was it really born as a 51? It has a two piece windshield.

I'm not sure what they grafted on to the rear of the red four door below right. It looks like they also modified the back door by adding a vent window. It has a 50 bullet and a 51 grill.

This 4 door sedan below has a Cuban license plate and appears to be a 51 or 52 because of the one piece rear window. It has different taillights, a different bumper and trunk lid. The emblem on the trunk says Studebaker on one side but I could not make out what it says on the other side. Any ideas as to what this trunk lid is off of or did they customize it for some reason?


On the large yellow truck below, they added a 50 bullet but I don't think this is a Studebaker truck.


The builder of this bus went a little farther and also added a Studebaker looking grill.

The car on the right looks like a 1950 Studebaker Commander Convertible that has the front end lengthened and the rear end shortened. They also added a third headlight ala Tucker. I'll bet that hood was heavy and hard to open.

The unanswered question of why this car was built was answered in a January, 1980 Motor Trend article. Click here to read about this "Indy" car that once tried to qualify for the Indy 500. 


The red 1951 Studebaker Champion (unknown body style) on the left was found in the Arizona desert. It was purchased as shown and was intended to be finished for the owner's granddaughter.

When that plan never developed, the car was sold to a buyer in CA and was parted out after he took what he needed.


Truck builders are also looking to do something wild and different with their rides. The trucks below now have bullet noses.



<< I'm not sure what the builder of this stretched (50 Commander?) four door sedan was doing or why. Because it's on a trailer, it may be coming or going somewhere far away. Anyone seen it finished or in a junk yard?