Studebaker Decorations


Did you know that you could buy a propeller from your Studebaker dealer to decorate the front of your car when it was new? Here are a couple of examples installed on 1950 Studebaker bullets.

This is the front of the Bantam Chef Restaurant in Chesnee, SC. It's owned by David Walker who has several Studebakers in his garage and a bullet nosed Starlight Coupe sitting inside his restaurant. If you are near Chesnee, stop in and tell David you saw this picture of the flamed 51 bullet nose front end on Bullet Nose Paradise. 


How about hanging a fiberglass 1950 Studebaker Bullet Nose over your couch in the living room or den? You could wire up the parking lights for some nice mood lighting and the headlights for emergency lighting.
Although this rear roof section of a Starlight Coupe may, or may not, be from a Bullet Nose model, the owner put it to good use by mounting it over the door of his barn. It's being shown here to give you an idea about how to use those extra parts you may end up with.  

Here are a couple of other ways to use left over bullet nose parts. The little bullet nose trailer on the left is a great example of making something cool with those extra parts. I'm not sure if it's a utility trailer or something else and I wish I had some photos of the inside to see what it looks like. I'll bet it draws a lot of attention wherever it goes and I'm sure that extra trunk space comes in handy. 

The black motorcycle trailer on the right is towed behind a black bullet nose convertible. It appears as though a 50 Studebaker donated everything except it's body to make this cool looking trailer. 





This ceramic Bullet Nose glazed with chrome, was made by Don Atwood using one of his extra 50 bullets as a pattern. I'll bet it looks good hanging on his office or garage wall.