1952 Champion Starliner "Convertible"

 Greg Boyd
Tacoma, WA

After Greg purchased this "convertible", he found a photo of it on this website. The seller told him it was a 52 with a 51 front, but he wasn't sure and wrote to get more info about his new acquisition. The VIN and body tag indicated that it left the factory in Los Angeles as a 1952 Champion Starliner hardtop coupe, a unique body style for Studebaker and only made for one year. It was purchased with a 350 Chevrolet engine, TH350 transmission and a 9" Ford rear end. The actual center section and bullet are from a 1950 and the windshield has been chopped. The primer, red wheels and Mexican blanket upholstery go well together on this lowered ride.

Greg said this will be a project for him that will require a lot of work to get it where he would like for it to be, but he is looking forward to it. Hopefully he will keep us posted as to the progress he makes.