1950 Studebaker Champion 2 Door Sedan

Darrell Lawrence
Barss Corner, Nova Scotia, Canada

Darrell purchased his Studebaker in 1986 when he was living in British Columbia. He started out by chopping the top and adding a push button operated tilt front clip that uses two 400 lb. screw actuators. The front bumper and eyebrows on the hood were removed and it was nosed. He removed the door handles and added remote key fob door poppers. Out back he molded the rear bumper and blended it into the body line. The trunk lid was extended into what he calls a "duck tail" over the frenched license plate. He added 52 taillights and hid the fuel filler behind the left taillight that now swings open using a 4 way articulating hinge.

Darrel built a custom 2" x 4" custom frame for his car. A Horton's Evolution Mustang II kit was used up front. He wanted it to sit low so he added computer controlled Air Ride Technologies Ride Pro E Shockwave airbags. For power he installed a 355 ci Chevrolet and a B&M 144 blower fed by a Holley 700 double pumper. He chose a race ready TH350 transmission that's shifted with a B&M Pro Bandit shifter. The rear end is a narrowed 8-3/4" Dodge posi with Bear racing axles. It's set up with a tri-angulated 4 link and it now has 4 wheel disc brakes. The engine runs on a MSD ignition system and exhaust is routed through the custom 4 side pipes and collectors that Darrell made.

Inside is just as nice as the outside. It has an Infiniti tan leather interior and the steering is handled by an Ididit tilt column fitted with a Grant steering wheel. Darrell made a custom aluminum gauge bezel that's filled with Classic VDO gauges. For comfort, Vintage Air was added.

Fast forward to 2009. Darrell was close to having the car done, but he was now living in Nova Scotia. A requirement there is that any modified vehicle must be inspected and certified by an AE (Automotive Engineer). There was only one in all of the Maritime Provinces and his authority ruled. He wanted Darrell to build a new 3" x 5" frame. It was either that or he could trailer the car to shows. This car was built to drive so the only resolution was to take the body off and build a new frame. When the body was off, Darrell decided to make a few changes to the body. He removed the vent windows, which required that the doors be straightened so one piece glass could be installed and he added 52 Studebaker headlight rims.

Darrell is now retired and is determined to get his car on the road. Hopefully we'll see photos of it at a car show soon.

July, 2020 Update

I contacted Darrell to see if he had current photos of the car. He told me the car had been sold and it went to somewhere in Newfoundland. He did not have any contact info for the new owner.